Warm Beach Day

There’s something about the North Sea that is inherently cold…so having a warm day to splash around is saying something.  Christy and I took our kids and Mercy out to the beach and then to Burger King for dinner- we had a lot of fun and even got some sunburns- again saying something for Aberdeen!

Sweet girl hunting for shells

Christy helping the kids build castles

beks liked making tracks

My shadow looks a lot more pregnant than I do!

He never quite forgave the tide for taking him down

Or the wind for blowing

Splashing around

Right before he fell in the water

Seagulls are a lot cooler whehn not snatching food from your hand.

Christy and the kids

Running with the tide

Hi, Mom!

I am haviong so much fun, Mom!

All enamored with the sea

So much fun!!

The kids running around

The lighthouse


  1. Nana Phyllis says:

    What a fun day at the beach. The kids won’t know what to do in Texas with warm water!! Love all the pictures. Hope Luke has forgiven the waves!! and wind!

  2. Looks like fun! Wish there was a beach close to us!

  3. says:

    What a beautiful day for the beach. The ‘beach’ water around here is from the Puget Sound which comes in from Alaska and to this Texan it’s freezing. My husband and I can hardly stand it but I have a feeling our children wil jump right in just like yours. I love the shadow photo!

  4. Mamama says:

    Looks like such a fun time . . . and a lot warmer than when I am there in April. I love your shadow!! I’m sorry that Luke got knocked down – no fun for him.):