The Beach & A Really Great Tandem Slide!

Well, December 31st dawned hot and humid and perfect for the beach.  Truly spur of the moment, Josh, Sarah, and I loaded up the kids and made the 30-minute drive to the Port Lavaca Beach.  Luke got a lot braver and splashed right in this time.  We loved watching them run through the water together!

{Before you laugh about how white Luke is, check out my legs.  Sigh.}

I LOVE how my sweet Rebekah takes care of her little Lukey.  She’s a doll.


  1. Nana Phyllis says:

    So thankful for all the fun experiences you have had while in Texas. Great ones in Dallas and in Victoria. You’ll have nice memories of this trip.

  2. Andrea G says:

    They are both sweet dolls! Give them each a hug for me! I just want to squeeze them and watch our kids run and play together! Praying for your time!

  3. Mamama says:

    Looks like a fun time at the beach was had by all! I love the shots of Rebekah and Luke in the water – as Phyllis said you have had lots of great experiences in Texas over the last 2 months!!

  4. sarah says:

    Dear goodness, thank you for not getting any close ups of me. I believe we had both worked out right before going on this spur of the moment beach outing…heaven forbid you lose any readers! :)

  5. says:

    Perfect! Texas in winter sounds wonderful! Cute kids!

  6. says:

    Brrrrr! Looks cold! I noticed there was no one else on the beach there with you. Hmmmm . . . ;-)