Happy {Grand}father’s day!


As usual, I didn’t get cards out…sigh.  Who wouldn’t love to see their grandchildren instead, tho?  You’ll be able to tell I did not really prep them prior to the video, so other than saying “happy father’s day” these are spontaneous answers from my sweet ones.  ;) {I am sooooo proud of myself for embedding […]

Say “Cheese” takes a whole new meaning

I thought you would enjoy seeing my sweet boy munching on some cheese.  It’s worth the watch to see him when I ask him what’s he’s eating (a little over halfway through)…he stops, deer in the headlights, a little self-conscious, then answers.  Such a honey. Luke makes cheese look so good…

My precious boy

Luke was not to be left out. He is jabbering all the time now, mimicking everything! He doesn’t always articulate that clearly, but his inflections are usually spot-on. My favorite here is “I’m comin’!” Who knows how many times I say that? (I guess Luke does). Oh- he had just gotten up form a good […]

We should be ashamed of ourselves…

Instead we feel an inordinate amount of amusement (and maybe a wee bit of pride).  As a disclaimer- Rebekah never saw these clips on TV- she just mimicked us singing them.  So, in the visionary footsteps of Michael Scott, I got Youtube to come down and film Rebekah’s versions.  If you’re already familiar with the […]