TILT: Travel Sound Machine {Give-Away!!}

Sound Oasis Travel System

I HEART White Noise If you don’t know how much I love white noise, bless your heart, you must be a new reader.  I love it because it has solved many a sleeping issue for my family.  When we had Rebekah and Luke, we had to learn to sleep through unimportant, yet incredibly annoying noises, […]

How We Roomed Rebekah & Luke Together for the First Time

Good sleep is worth the effort.

Family visits Many of you know that one of my biggest fears is sharing rooms.  Seriously, I am a total wimp about sharing a room with either of my kids and I never wanted them to share a room!  We have never {not even once} slept in the same bed as our babies.  I think […]

Things I Love Thursday

It all started here.

Digestives? There are so many things I love that it is hard to choose sometimes.  For instance, I am tempted to tell you about Josh’s inspired chocolate-covered digestive biscuits with a thin layer of peanut butter on top…but that only really applies to my fellow UK pals, so I’ll leave it at that. No, my […]

We had our first sick day

First Sick Day

Rebekah’s Sick Day No one in our family had been sick since November.  We do live in Scotland where it’s culturally acceptable to take your flu-ridden child to creche or nursery since all the kids are going to get the germs eventually anyway, so it was inevitable.  As usual, Rebekah got it first, then Luke, […]

Top tips for traveling with toddlers

For Rebekah and Luke, the word "airplane" and "candy" are synonymous.

Traveling with toddlers is interesting exciting.  We have done it a lot (across the States and no across the pond), so here is what we have learned.   Hopefully, it will help your family. Planning (& Talking) Ahead For me, planning is wonderful- I try to think about what we will need way in advance, so […]