Lizzie..eating & talking

That pretty much sums our littlest up- a full mouth with lots of “words” all the time!  She has been pretty high-strung recently and quite devastated at how many no’s she receives daily.  It’s as if we’re doing 2 early.  So.many.tantrums.  But, she’s so awesome, we’re going to keep her. These were from a few […]

Rebekah’s Tangled Party


My mom and I love birthdays, so giving Rebekah an extra party in Dallas was a no-brainer, even though her birthday isn’t until July 12th.  We settled on a Tangled/Rapunzel party and my parents rented a princess bouncy castle for the front yard.  A lot of family from both sides of my parents came, which […]

Lizzie Talking

This was right before Lizzie got really sick, and looking back, I can see it in her eyes, her drippy nose, and her frustration.  However, I do LOVE the “z” in her name as she tries to say it, as well as her learning experience as she realizes she has 2 magnets.  The look that […]

My Lovely Ladies

Lizzie Girl sure loves her big sister….actually, her big sister may love her even more. I am very, very blessed by how much all 3 kids adore each other {most of the time}. Here is a typical afternoon for us these days…including Luke whining in the background. He is getting better, by the way. It […]

“Sooo big!”, Waving, & Clapping…on demand!

I am so tickled by Lizzie’s new social skills, those listed in the title above, that is.  We had not been practicing them and I pulled out the camera b/c she is just so darn cute, fuzzy head and all, and she started showing off, so I quickly changed to video.  I couldn’t believe how […]