Tips for Avoiding & Dealing with Laptop Theft

We recently had our laptops stolen…out of our house…while we were sleeping.  Creepy all the way around.  The whole experience has been truly eye-opening in so many ways.  After reporting to the police and answering millions of questions and watching what Josh has done to prepare for and deal with such a situation, I thought […]

Tips for Planning, Preparing, & Enjoying Left-Overs!


So, I have never been a huge fan of left-overs {…unlike my father who was one of eleven and never got any!}.  Anyway, when my family had left-overs, we usually ate them for lunch.  But, money is tight {I know you’re with me}, and left-overs for dinner are a better use of our money. 5 […]

Meal Boot Camp {How To}

I yike this, Mommy!

Meal Boot Camp Unpacked I was shocked how many comments I got on my Saturday post of Luke’s Meal Boot Camp.  I thought maybe I was the only mother of a picky, stubborn, non-bribeable 2  1/2 year old.  I stand corrected.  So, since several of you asked what we’ve been doing, I thought I’d share.  Once […]

Tips for Making Good Choices Online {as a family}


You may recall that a few weeks ago I wrote an article about avoiding online temptation by using Covenant Eyes.  Well, they found my blog and asked me to guest post for them!  I am excited to say that my post went live today!  Check it out if you get a chance, and make sure […]

Tips for Traveling to the West Coast & Isle of Skye {with Kids}

Tips for the West Coast& Isle of Skye with Kids Our family really benefited from tips from friends who had previously traveled to the West Coast and Isle of Skye.  So, I would like to pay it forward with a few tips from our recent experience with our small children. West Coast Where to Go […]