TILT: Jewelry Organization

Before- such a nightmare!

I HEART jewelry This time next week I will be hosting a give-away for one of my all-time favorite products….get excited!  Until then, I thought I’d share another love of mine: organization.  I’m not so much of a 409 cleaner, but more of a everything has its place cleaner.  If things look organized, I feel […]

Things I Love Thursday: Easy Ways to Go Green {Give-Away!}

Compost bin

I am the Going Green Guru {imagine Robert Downey Jr and an overly arrogant smirk on my face} As part of weaning myself from Coke Zero, I also felt a the tiniest compulsion to be a better steward.  There is something about living abroad in a smaller world that challenges my usual way of thinking. […]

Satrosphere {Dinosaur Exhibit}

On our way- dinosuars in hand!

I love themes…this one is pretty obvious. Little Scientists Day Christy, ever on top of fun things to do with kids, sent out an email about the upcoming discounted Little Scientists Day at the Satrosphere.  Kids under 3 would be free and adults were cheaper.  As it turned out, she, Kate, Andrea (a new friend […]

Things I Love Thursday: Stain Devils

dr. b

Dr. Beckmann When my mom visited in April, she came bearing many gifts, including new wardrobes for the little ones, lots of American food for my pantry, and 7 shirts from  GAP {for me!}…it was AWESOME.  Unfortunately, she unwrapped the Crisco I requested and through less than gentle handling, the greasy shortening got all over […]

Things I Love Thurday: The making of an outfit

blue tights

The making of an outfit I really like fashion and being trendy, but feel that with turning 30 and 2 children who changed my body just enough to notice, I had kind of given up.  I’ve never been a jeans and tee-shirt kind of girl, but I rarely let myself have just have fun with […]