How We Roomed Rebekah & Luke Together for the First Time

Good sleep is worth the effort.

Family visits Many of you know that one of my biggest fears is sharing rooms.  Seriously, I am a total wimp about sharing a room with either of my kids and I never wanted them to share a room!  We have never {not even once} slept in the same bed as our babies.  I think […]

Tips for Jet Lag {with kids}


I just wrote an article for another blog on recovering from jet lag.  Since summer is coming up and many of us will be traveling, I thought I’d throw some of those tips your way.  You’re welcome.  Our Background: Moving Overseas Josh, Rebekah, Luke (2 years old and 4 months at the time), and I  […]

Bedtime shenanigans

Still time for the Japanese Tea & Scottish Shortbread Give-Away! Sleep challenges Rebekah was looking pretty bushed today- she was fussing about strange things, even on the way to a favorite park and Burger King. She did have a great time, but we know the signs of her exhaustion- whining and extra discipline-warranting choices.  The […]

Top tips for traveling with toddlers

For Rebekah and Luke, the word "airplane" and "candy" are synonymous.

Traveling with toddlers is interesting exciting.  We have done it a lot (across the States and no across the pond), so here is what we have learned.   Hopefully, it will help your family. Planning (& Talking) Ahead For me, planning is wonderful- I try to think about what we will need way in advance, so […]