Rebekah’s & Luke’s School Work


Tomorrow is the big kids’ last day of school for the year…and in Scotland.  Surprisingly, I am taking this kind of hard.  I wrote nice notes to the teachers because when I tried to thank them in person I started to choke up.  Who knows?  I’m having weird, out of control dreams, too, so I […]

Wriggly Nativity


It’s so funny having grown up in the south, in the “Bible Belt,” and not being able to talk about Jesus at Christmas. Yet, here in Scotland, where not that many are professing believers, Rebekah and Luke’s public school teaches Jesus’ birth as the basis of Christmas. Both kids have come home talking about Jesus, […]

Lake District Detour: Caerlaverock Castle

On our way south down to the Lake District, Josh had the brilliant idea of detouring a bit to visit  Caerlaverock Castle  {Car-la-va-rock} in Dumfries.  The kids really love castles, especially new ones we haven’t seen before and that they climb on!  Plus, it is the only castle we’ve seen with a real moat, though […]

Pics of the New Flat: Part 1

New flat 001

You have all been so patient, and I do want to honor that by showing you pictures of most of our new flat.  ;)  As most things are, it’s still a work in progress {especially the baby’s room which is not pictured- that will be part 2!} but I am not vain enough to wait for […]

We had such a fun day today!  I’m not sure how many pictures I can share, but we spent the morning at a strawberry patch, then ate at McDonald’s, then Rebekah and I went to the park while the boys napped, and then we played in our back garden and barbecued chicken and ate our […]