1st Days of Kindergarten & 2nd Grade


Luke and Rebekah had great first days of school!  They love their teachers and have great, quality friends Josh and I are particularly happy about. Luke will be in all-day kindergarten {the only “option” now}, but this week he just goes half-days.  I was able to have a parent-teacher conference with his teacher {why they’re […]

Luke’s 1st 1st day of Kindergarten


Mrs. Fuller told us to treat today as the first day of kindergarten in that we could come inside, take pictures, and get acquainted with the class room.  Come Tuesday, we will drop the kids off and wave good-bye.  It’s a good plan, and you know she knows what’s she doing after 25 years of […]

God Made Me Special: Luke & Bekah {okay and Lizzie, too}


On Wednesday, I got to celebrate both the big kids in different ways.  Luke actually celebrated me in a Mommy’s Day tea at his school.  It was so precious.  I just love him.  He sang a song, God Made Me Special and there’s a line that says “There’s No One Like Me.”  In that this […]

Settling In


Last week was a bit of a rough one for me logistically.  Getting everybody where they need to go and picked back up, all the while napping Lizzie twice in between, in addition to special schedules {such as a shortened first day for Luke and a parent meeting, as well as late start Thursdays for […]

Luke’s 1st Day of Preschool {& Kids’ Stats!}


Luke had his first day of preschool today at Southside Christian School! I’m not proud of his outfit, but he so excitedly picked it out himself, I didn’t have the heart to say no. His teacher is Mrs. Hoiland- she was energetic and very sweet! Since he was in afternoon nursery last year, it really […]