Sweet Rebekah lost her second top tooth {4th lost tooth} last week at 5am.  Yes, that’s right, 5 am.  We have the pleasure of being awakened by two girls with teeth problems.  ;)  In addition to oral changes, Rebekah also started AWANA {approved workmen are not ashamed- referencing knowing the Word helps us stand before […]

Rebekah asked to go to bed early last night so she could go to sleep sooner and wake up sooner so she could go to school!  She woke up this morning at 7am {I really wondered if it would be 5!!} and was dressed by 7:05!  She asked for pancakes with chocolate chips for her […]

Just a quick one- I had my camera and looked up and super-chic Beks was hanging out just like this.  How cool is she? Her top tooth is just hanging on…

In honor of my dear friend and mentor of 2 years in Iowa, Carrie {who incidentally perfectly cut Rebekah’s 1st bob}, here is a comparison. Rebekah- 22 mos Rebekah- 6 yrs old

Rebekah turned 6 yesterday, and we celebrated with a few good friends with a sea animal theme.  She had a great day, and according to her, loved her friends/family, painting shells, and eating cookies!  Shannon and her 3 kids spent the night, which was….interesting.  ;)  Not much sleep, but it was fun.  So, not a […]