1st Days of Kindergarten & 2nd Grade


Luke and Rebekah had great first days of school!  They love their teachers and have great, quality friends Josh and I are particularly happy about. Luke will be in all-day kindergarten {the only “option” now}, but this week he just goes half-days.  I was able to have a parent-teacher conference with his teacher {why they’re […]

Rebekah’s 7! {& Her Fairy Tea Party}


The Birthday Rebekah turned 7 yesterday.  You know my life is busy when I don’t take the time to blog a poignant post for one of my kids. Rebekah, you are precious.  You are the sweetest, most tender girl I know.  You are very thoughtful and generous.  You always look out for others, even when […]

Rebekah’s Trimester Update


Apparently Rebekah is on a trimester calendar- I’m not sure how I missed this detail, but alas now I know.  While quite good with math and science {thanks to Josh}, Rebekah has taken to reading a little less enthusiastically.  I think it was just harder than she expected.  She loves concepts, such as sounding out. […]

Rebekah’s 1st Track Meet!


This spring, Rebekah asked me if she could “run” with me.  Since I’m pretty slow and not exactly a distance runner, I said sure!  She ended up pacing with me just fine most of the time, always game for trying to go a little farther.  3 or so weeks ago, Josh and I decided to […]

Sweet Rebekah lost her second top tooth {4th lost tooth} last week at 5am.  Yes, that’s right, 5 am.  We have the pleasure of being awakened by two girls with teeth problems.  ;)  In addition to oral changes, Rebekah also started AWANA {approved workmen are not ashamed- referencing knowing the Word helps us stand before […]