Welcome Home, Elizabeth Sophia!


We had a baby! We had our precious baby girl this morning at 4:36am, Scotland time.  I started going in and out of contractions yesterday afternoon and evening, and then they got crazy at about 1am.  Christy came over and had a wild night with our {first} 2, while we headed to the hospital.  Knowing […]

Easy Meals for Pregnant or New Mommies


I am nesting right now…in my own way, which is cooking and baking.  I have wonderful friends who have already promised to make us meals when we have the baby.  :)  Bless them.  They also greatly blessed me when I was so sick that first trimester by dropping off meals every so often, even weekly […]

39 Weeks!


It’s funny how many people don’t make it to 39 weeks, and I have always made it.  :)  Rebekah was 3 days early and Luke was induced 4 days late- pretty in line with their personalities.  We are really, really hoping for anytime now for this one!  I am keeping well, and many have been […]

38 Weeks!


I am 38 weeks today.  I just got back from the midwife- I am measuring 37 because the baby has dropped!  That means she is head-down and engaged.  Apparently this is not totally normal for a 3rd baby…this is good news, as we need to have her by 13 November for Josh to be able […]

37 Weeks!

I am 37 weeks today- that means in 3-ish weeks we will have a new little girl!!!!  I feel so excited and nervous all at the same time.  I’m sure you understand.  Rebekah and Luke keep asking when “our” baby is coming, and usually {for Luke anyway} in the context of “Will she be at […]