How We Potty-Trained Luke


Things I Love Thursday: a Potty-Training Story with a HAPPY ending! Even though Luke is almost 3, being a boy, being second-born, and being slower to develop in other areas, I still wasn’t sure potty-training would “take.”  However, getting rid of the paci went far better than I anticipated, and I reminded myself that Luke […]

Potty Training Luke Duke {a sneak peek}


So, we’ve been potty training Luke for a week and a half.  Fear not, it’s not that bad…you just have to start slow with little buddy, and then he blossoms.  Until I feel like we’ve totally got it, I will not be posting strategy.  However, I am immensely pleased with where we are and where […]

Costco, more snow, and swine flu shots

Evidently, everything is bigger at Costco.

On Saturday, we went to Costco and also got to play outside.  Costco always reminds me of being home- everything is so big!! We trudged onto campus- it’s funny even though it’s still really cold, being able to see and feel the sun makes you feel like you have to get outside to enjoy it!  […]

You smell like chips…


Um, thank you? That was from my daughter.  Days after she turned 2, she dreamily walked out of her room and asked, “Mom, why do I smell basil?”  I was making lasagna.  What the what?  I can never, ever get away with sneaking a treat and her not noticing.  Never mind it’s past her bedtime […]