First Days of School!

Rebekah’s 1st Day As you are well aware, Rebekah and Luke had their first days of school yesterday!  I was worried they would be too tired from jet lag, but God is so good and got them back on track just in the nick of time.  We had been waking Rebekah up between 9 and […]

Rebekah’s Sports Day


Rebekah was so excited for her nursery sports day this year!  I stayed home while Luke was napping, and Rebekah was so, so thrilled that Daddy got to come see her run the races.  Precious.  She and Josh even practiced the day before because, you may recall, my girl was a little too aware of […]

Rebekah’s Concert


Singing And I do use the term “concert” very loosely.  Thursday, the day before school was out for the summer {a 6-week break}, I was invited to attend the last half of Rebekah’s nursery class for them to sing their favourite songs.  Mike stayed with Luke who was sleeping, and Phyllis and I got to […]

I went to “skewl” with Rebekah!

In the play "school"

Hey- my mom is hosting a pretty sweet Giggle Give-Away!  Make sure you check it out! Parent/Carer Day Last week, I had the privilege of attending the first hour of preschool with my sweet daughter.  Ever task-oriented, I struggled giving up that hour of work as we had just gotten back in town and I was hosting […]

Long and mostly lean

Yesterday, I decided to be a fun mom and build a fort.  It was a big hit.

I am so excited about the CD give-away- remember that you still have the weekend to enter! In other news, I took Rebekah to the health visitor to get her 3 1/2 year jabs (aka shots).  They told us in the fall of 2008 when we moved here that she wouldn’t need more shots until […]