TILT: Luke


Luke Duke Luke is just over 2 now and more delightful than ever!  Walking and now talking{!} have made him much more confident of himself and his ability to fend for himself.  He is such a fun-loving little guy and still very dramatic.  Gotta love him.  Anyway, mostly for the sake of stateside family and […]

Last Day of London

All Souls Church

Last Day of London We did most of our sightseeing Friday and Saturday, so Sunday we attended Kyle and Karen’s church, All Souls.  It was my first Anglican experience- pretty cool to try something new!  Anyway, I was impressed with the creche and even when we walked in, Luke smiled and said, “creche!”  {side note: […]

London Day 2

Bekah in front of the gates to Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace On Saturday, we hit Buckingham Palace, the National Gallery, and Notting Hill.  Luke randomly fell asleep at 11 in his stroller sans wash cloth and paci, so we were able to stay out and enjoy another full day!  This is the first time in 4 years, we have been able to keep both […]

TILT: Cupcake!

Us with Kyle & Karen

cupcake…fun and wellbeing for families And, yes, I did mean Cupcake…singular…though I also love cupcakes, too!  Anyway, as you know, this past weekend, Josh, his parents, the kids, and I hopped a cheap flight to London and stayed at Kyle and Karen’s flat.  Karen is the founder of Cupcake {read here for the story of cupcake}, […]


Jamie Oliver's shop, Recipease

London! Josh’s parents  took us to London last week!  We flew out of Aberdeen on Thursday morning and took an hour-long bus into London itself, where we caught a train at Victoria Station to Clapham Junction.  It was an 8-minute walk to Josh’s cousin’s flat where we stayed.  Kyle (Josh’scousin) and Karen stayed with friends […]