My Brown-Eyed {18 Month Old} Girl


I mentioned in my last post that Lizzie is 18 months.  I’m not sure where the time has gone, but I will admit 18 months is one of my favorite ages in that they’re still baby but also toddling {remember, my kids walk LATE!}, a little independent, still quite dependent.  Words are coming, and so […]

An Addition to Our Table


Since we moved here 8 months ago {!!}, Lizzie has sat in a high chair in what Josh calls “baby’s exile.”  We usually remembered to pull her up to the table, but regardless, Lizzie wasn’t physically at the table.  Recently, Lizzie seemed to realize this.  She started playing with her booster seat {stored for future […]

Lizzie’s Bed Head


Lizzie wakes up ready to go…well, she actually wants you to watch her roll around in her crib for a while and then tickle her, and then immediately get her milk and feed her breakfast.  Once all that is done, she is quite a morning person.  When her hair matches her spunky personality, it seems […]

Imagine how much I loved watching this little thing toddle all around our house today!  Seriously, she is so feisty and so much fun and chooses her accessories herself, just so you know. Then Lizzie channeled her inner Texan…

Well, as is our custom, we made good on Lizzie’s birthday by celebrating it 3 times! Here’s her actual birthday with our friends, the Branhams. This final time was with my mom who let the kids make a cupcake-shaped cake (not really after they decorated it) and do whatever they wanted with it.  They had […]