Lizzie’s Birthday


My words aren’t that special, so I’ll skip to what people might actually be interested in: the pictures. The Party: Lizzie’s Ice Cream Social This would not have happened as seamlessly or cookie prettily without my mother-in-law, Phyllis!     Her actual birthday   Nothing beats a straight from the bath baby sporting her new […]

Lizzie’s {Almost} Two!


If you ask Lizzie how old she is, she will cheerfully tell you with all 5 fingers up no less, “Almost 2!” or “1, 2!”  It is precious.  While on the topic of precious and all things precious, let’s discuss Lizzie some more. Lizzie is by far our naughtiest child, as well as most full […]

My Garden!


Yes, you read that correctly…I have a garden.  When we bought this house and it had a “plumbed garden box,” I knew I had to plant stuff.  And I did mean stuff…thankfully, I have a good friend {shout out, Lisa Branham} who told me what to buy, how to prep, and then showed up to […]

My Brown-Eyed {18 Month Old} Girl


I mentioned in my last post that Lizzie is 18 months.  I’m not sure where the time has gone, but I will admit 18 months is one of my favorite ages in that they’re still baby but also toddling {remember, my kids walk LATE!}, a little independent, still quite dependent.  Words are coming, and so […]

An Addition to Our Table


Since we moved here 8 months ago {!!}, Lizzie has sat in a high chair in what Josh calls “baby’s exile.”  We usually remembered to pull her up to the table, but regardless, Lizzie wasn’t physically at the table.  Recently, Lizzie seemed to realize this.  She started playing with her booster seat {stored for future […]