4th of July {on the 7th}: a snapshot of South Texas


For the past 3 years, my parents have traveled down to my sister-in-law’s small hometown in south Texas to celebrate the 4th of July on whatever Saturday is closest to it.  It’s where my brother, Billy, and his wife, Becky, got married 10 years ago and wehre Becky grew up and her parents still live: […]

We celebrated our second Christmas with Josh’s mom, Nana/Phyllis, the afternoon Lizzie and I came home from the hospital.  It was such a special time to be together as a family.  The big kids had a great afternoon, and Lizzie got lots of snuggles.

We had such a fun day today!  I’m not sure how many pictures I can share, but we spent the morning at a strawberry patch, then ate at McDonald’s, then Rebekah and I went to the park while the boys napped, and then we played in our back garden and barbecued chicken and ate our […]

Happy {Grand}father’s day!


As usual, I didn’t get cards out…sigh.  Who wouldn’t love to see their grandchildren instead, tho?  You’ll be able to tell I did not really prep them prior to the video, so other than saying “happy father’s day” these are spontaneous answers from my sweet ones.  ;) {I am sooooo proud of myself for embedding […]

Warm Beach Day

There’s something about the North Sea that is inherently cold…so having a warm day to splash around is saying something.  Christy and I took our kids and Mercy out to the beach and then to Burger King for dinner- we had a lot of fun and even got some sunburns- again saying something for Aberdeen!