Happy 35th Birthday, Josh! In honor of Josh’s 35th birthday, here are 35 things I love about my man….in no particular order. His sense of humor. The way he nicknames everything and everyone. That he loves me so much. How smart he is. He’s pretty cute, too. How much he likes to eat {almost as […]

Our 10th Anniversary!

Yea- it’s our 10th anniversary TODAY!  When did we get old enough to be married ten years?!?!  {and a 3rd baby on the way?}  Yet here we are, and we have loved every minute of it!  In fact, I met with an engaged girl not too long ago, and she said, “Wow, you make it […]


This is one of my new favorite series of pictures, mostly because they’re cute, they’re of my two favorite boys, they show how much Luke is into his Daddy right now, and lastly, the crazy things dads do with their sons.  {I do believe Josh is preparing to flick my sweet son’s nerdlinger…wait, what’s that? […]

Daddy Dates!

Don’t forget about my sound machine give-away!! A few Saturdays ago, Josh told Rebekah that we were going swimming that morning and that she and he would have a Daddy/Daughter date that afternoon.  Her whole face broke out into a huge grin and she said, “We get to go swimming as a family and then […]

TILT: Covenant Eyes


Things I Love Thursday: Josh and Covenant Eyes Recently Josh and I had a discussion about the trouble that people can get into online.  Even though we have never had an issue with such matters, we are finally smart enough to realize that neither of us is above online sin.  I started crying as I […]