Our 11th Anniversary!

Well, it has been 11 years now.  11 wonderful, sweet years with my best friend!  It’s so funny having everybody know us as we are NOW- married, 3 kids, student, stay-at-home mom.  When we got married, Josh was an electrical engineer and I was a Spanish teacher.  5 years later, we found ourselves post-seminary, in […]

Hi, Mom!


Five years ago, at the end of a long day, when I was worn out and ready to just throw in the towel, Josh would take baby Bekah and pop just her head around the kitchen door and say, “Hi, Mom!”  I have always loved Josh’s narrative for the kids, and this is no exception. […]

Daddy’s Back!


Josh was away for a week to interview for a job in Washington.  {He felt it went really well, but we won’t hear anything until next month.}  Anyway, there was much excitement in our home that Daddy was coming home on Friday!!!!  {Thankfully the kids were not privy to my mistake of him coming home […]

Camping in Scotland


Josh had the privilege of going camping with 4 buddies in Aviemore in the Highlands of Scotland.  Doesn’t that just sound grand?  Anyway, they camped overnight and then hiked up a munro, thus “bagging” it {a term for hiking up a mountain of at least 1000 meters or just over 3000 feet}.  The hike took […]

Josh’s Birthday!

As you assuredly know, Josh turned 35 on Tuesday.  We got up, I made a delicious breakfast of sausage, eggs, toast, grapefruit, and tea.  Yum.  Then, we had a birthday lunch at Jimmy Chungs, a great Asian buffet we all love.  That night Josh cooked steaks, I made twice-baked potatoes and salad, and then we […]