Pumpkin Patch with the Fiesta Trio


I told you I’d blog again.  See.  Yay me.  :)  I honestly couldn’t help it- such a glorious, last-minute outing.  I got a Facebook message from another gal who adjuncts at Moody to come out to the patch and then have chili at their place.  This is their place’s view:   We were all in. […]

4th of July in Shiner, TX!


My brother’s wife, Becky, is from a small town in south, TX, called Shiner.  My parents and Billy’s family go down every 4th of July weekend with the kids.  My family minus Josh joined them this year (we made it last year too!) and we loved our time there.  Especially fun was the addition of […]

Catching Up on Christmas


So, 3 kids isn’t hard, but it’s definitely busy.  By the time I actually have time to blog, I know I should work or do something productive around the house…or I sit kind of comatose, thinking but not doing any of those things.  Sigh.  Oh well, she’s so darn cute and smart and naughty, it’s […]

Thanksgiving with My Parents


My mom came and stayed with me while Josh was away for conferences for 10 days, then my dad joined us for Thanksgiving week.  I loved it.  having my parents in my home together delights me.  :)  It’s not that they’re not a couple or anything, they just work from home, so having them away […]

4th of July {on the 7th}: a snapshot of South Texas


For the past 3 years, my parents have traveled down to my sister-in-law’s small hometown in south Texas to celebrate the 4th of July on whatever Saturday is closest to it.  It’s where my brother, Billy, and his wife, Becky, got married 10 years ago and wehre Becky grew up and her parents still live: […]