Happy Easter from Aberdeen!


My family quickly informed me that posting lots and lots and lots of pictures is just fine, as long as it’s the kids and not food!  Ha!  I’m still chuckling.  Anyway, we had a great Easter weekend in which we hunted for Easter eggs on campus and got to enjoy a family service at church, […]

The Easter Egg Hunt at King’s College

Easter egg hunt.jpg

This year it didn’t rain for our Easter egg hunt!!  Thus, we got to have it outside…and not just outside, but on one of the loveliest university lawns ever! The Setting The Hunt Our Family Pic

Easter Activities for Kids


Here’s another re-post from last year…this time about teaching and celebrating Easter with your small children. Teaching Easter Now that Rebekah {and Luke, too!} is getting older, she is asking a lot of theological questions.  It suddenly hit me that I am her source of information and like I trust Josh to tell me what’s […]

On the hunt…

Ready to hunt for eggs!

Yesterday: The Hunt Rebekah woke up so excited to hunt for Easter eggs!  I was super-blessed to mention planning Easter stuff to Rachel Nigh, who is a rock star at making anything fun- she organized the whole shebang and stockpiled eggs and toys/candy.  The ideal plan was to hide eggs on King’s Lawn (the big […]

I posted about our Easter Activities last week, so I thought I would show you some of the things we did actually do. Rebekah usually goes to nursery (aka preschool) 12:45-3:15 every afternoon.  We essentially have year-round school, so we had a 2-week Easter Break.  So, since Luke normally naps 1-3, Rebekah and I had […]