Crafting: How I use My {Scrap} Elastic

Elastic Button Headbands

Most of you know, I am not exactly a crafter, but I do have crafty children, one seven year old girl specifically.  Thus, I find myself scanning craft stores for fun summer projects and the like in a way I could never have imagined prior to having kids.  It just makes her so darn happy […]

The Queen’s Jubilee!


So, this week marks the 60th year Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne- when asked at church how she became the queen, Rebekah {in all seriousness} answered that Queen Elizabeth I had to die.  Fair enough.  Anyway….it has been so cool living here for the Royal Wedding last year, the “Diamond” Jubilee right […]



Rebekah drew and cut out these letters for her brother to “decorate.”  She has always been a gift giver, but in this situation we were more impressed with her fine motor skills.  Look how proportional the letters are in width and height.  {It was important to Rebekah to be in the pictures, by the way. […]

School Holiday Shenanigans


We have been on holiday last week and this week, so both kids have been home.  We have gotten together with a lot of friends and done some crafty, outdoor, or special stuff while we’ve had them at home.  I did want to share some pictures of my time with just Luke while Rebekah is […]

You know that I am a huge fan of my Rebekah and my Luke and all of {most of what} they do.  I encourage and clean up millions {trillions} of crafts every week {hour}.  There is little we haven’t colored, stapled, glued, folded, sequined, beaded, or decorated with feathers and other outdoor implements, such as […]