Why the Internet is Full of Temptations


Covenant Eyes I have the honor and privilege of hosting a great guest post about internet temptation and what YOU can do about it!  I have written a few things for Covenant Eyes, and we use their accountability program for our internet use on both computers.  It is such a great way to experience freedom […]

So Sexy, So Soon


Here is a snippet of a book review I wrote for Covenant Eyes. So Sexy, So Soon – Book Review by Emily Malone I decided to read So Sexy, So Soon because I have a 4-year-old daughter who is much too aware of the messages the world is sending her. Having grown up in an overly […]

Tips for Making Good Choices Online {as a family}


You may recall that a few weeks ago I wrote an article about avoiding online temptation by using Covenant Eyes.  Well, they found my blog and asked me to guest post for them!  I am excited to say that my post went live today!  Check it out if you get a chance, and make sure […]

TILT: Covenant Eyes


Things I Love Thursday: Josh and Covenant Eyes Recently Josh and I had a discussion about the trouble that people can get into online.  Even though we have never had an issue with such matters, we are finally smart enough to realize that neither of us is above online sin.  I started crying as I […]