An Austen-esque Sunday Lunch {and potato spoon race!}

Dining room

We postponed our Spanish class today due to a tea party.  Not a tough choice.  We’ll be back on track next week, though, so be sure to check back! Stepping Back Into Austen Country A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of being asked over to Sunday lunch at a family’s house from church. […]

Making Lions

Excited about making lions

Church Play Group One of my favorite things about our church’s play group is the inclusion of a Bible story and corresponding craft…this was a happy development indeed!  Both kids and the Ellis children got in on making lions last week. Luke and Callum kind of made lions, too…then they were off and onto better […]

Dealing with Disappointment in the Church


Dealing with my Own Disappointment by griping less and getting more involved Kate sent me this article after we had had a good talk about how often we (people in general) gripe about churches, specifically here in the UK.  It’s easy to get lost in a crowd and feel unwelcomed or not a part of […]



I got you with the title, didn’t I? Well, we’re even because this book did the same thing to me.  With a title like Scandalous, it’s hard to resist.  Actually, I was asked second after Kate declined to do a book review for our church last Sunday, which involved reading the book, writing a short […]

Things I Love Thursday: My Husband

Suited up for preaching.

Maybe I’ve mentioned before that I love my husband to the moon and back- I did move to Iowa and then Scotland with him.  ;)  Besides his boyish good looks and sense of humor, one of my favorite things about Josh is his commitment to serving the church.  Whether he was a college student, an […]