Lizzie’s Birthday


My words aren’t that special, so I’ll skip to what people might actually be interested in: the pictures. The Party: Lizzie’s Ice Cream Social This would not have happened as seamlessly or cookie prettily without my mother-in-law, Phyllis!     Her actual birthday   Nothing beats a straight from the bath baby sporting her new […]

Lizzie’s {Almost} Two!


If you ask Lizzie how old she is, she will cheerfully tell you with all 5 fingers up no less, “Almost 2!” or “1, 2!”  It is precious.  While on the topic of precious and all things precious, let’s discuss Lizzie some more. Lizzie is by far our naughtiest child, as well as most full […]

Rebekah’s 7! {& Her Fairy Tea Party}


The Birthday Rebekah turned 7 yesterday.  You know my life is busy when I don’t take the time to blog a poignant post for one of my kids. Rebekah, you are precious.  You are the sweetest, most tender girl I know.  You are very thoughtful and generous.  You always look out for others, even when […]

Rebekah’s Tangled Party


My mom and I love birthdays, so giving Rebekah an extra party in Dallas was a no-brainer, even though her birthday isn’t until July 12th.  We settled on a Tangled/Rapunzel party and my parents rented a princess bouncy castle for the front yard.  A lot of family from both sides of my parents came, which […]

Luke’s 5th Birthday…try #2!


{I was blessed with a new template for this lovely blog and am working thru some kinks as everything updates…hopefully, this post will come in its entirety!} Luke turned 5 this week!  He is such a sweet, kind, tender, charming, funny, winsome, smart little guy.  He has really blossomed from a hesitant, dependent baby to […]