Beach with the Big Kids


There are several things on my to-do-before-we-leave-Aberdeen list, and one of them got crossed off Sunday: hit the beach on a sunny day.  Notice I didn’t even say warm.  I had kind of given up hope…to the point that 60′s felt HOT that day!  Sweet Lizzie girl slept at home while Josh worked on his […]

Warm Beach Day

There’s something about the North Sea that is inherently cold…so having a warm day to splash around is saying something.  Christy and I took our kids and Mercy out to the beach and then to Burger King for dinner- we had a lot of fun and even got some sunburns- again saying something for Aberdeen!

The Beach & A Really Great Tandem Slide!


Well, December 31st dawned hot and humid and perfect for the beach.  Truly spur of the moment, Josh, Sarah, and I loaded up the kids and made the 30-minute drive to the Port Lavaca Beach.  Luke got a lot braver and splashed right in this time.  We loved watching them run through the water together! […]

The Beach


The Beach On a nice, but windy day, we visited the beach. The kids both had a blast running around with their friends. Luke knows the beach is on the way to Burger King, so he was very, very excited about the whole night since we went to both. Sweet french-fry eatin’ boy.