Lizzie …growing up!

Again, this is largely for family, but Lizzie is developing so much in recent weeks!  She babbles pretty non-stop {I am doomed with 4 talkers in my family!} and now says “da da da da,” “ma ma ma ma ma,” and “nuh-nuh-nuh,” in additiont o many happy and furious squeals, etc.  She also scoots, pulls, […]

Lizzie is 6 Months & Her First Castle Trip


Lizzie turned 6 months yesterday- this is worth talking about.  I have always thought {and rarely said aloud} that if I could skip the first 6 months of a baby, I would.  I know- it’s  horrible.  I know that.  Yet it remains the truth.  I will be the first to say that Lizzie girl is […]

Lizzie Girl


Here are a few pics of Lizzie, mostly for Josh’s sake- he is in San Francisco for that conference {so thankful he got to go!}.  I didn’t want Josh to miss out on sweet Lizzie girl…now that I say that, I guess I should get some shots of Rebekah and Luke, too.  :)

Early Christmas with Mamama

We celebrated an early Christmas with my mom last weekend.  She brought all of us some really fun gifts- new clothes, shoes, jewelry, games, toys, etc.  It was fun to watch the kids open their gifts and enjoy them so much.  Sweet Lizzie nursed and slept the entire time, but she got a new winter […]

Bekah, Luke, and Lizzie as Babies

My mother-in-law added on Luke for a comparison of our sweet babies.  Again, Bekah (middle pic) and Luke (last pic) are at least weeks older, but it’s still such a fun thing to see.  What do y’all think?  Who does Lizzie look like?