Hey, I know some Spanish…

Many moons ago, I used to be a Spanish teacher…It’s a long story.  I actually majored in English and since I had a bunch of elective hours and I don’t like wasted time or effort, I made sure each hour went towards Spanish or accreditation.

My dad, a little girl (Ana), and me at an orphanage in Mexico, 2005, on a school-sponsored trip

I loved Spanish in high school, so I figured it would be an easy minor, though I had no intention of doing anything with it…ever.  I graduated with just enough hours and was ready to teach English.  However, I got married a week later and needed a job.  I could start immediately and make more money if I taught Spanish….I honestly didn’t even know if I’d pass my Excet tests for certification, but I took a leap of faith and taught Spanish  to some pretty unmotivated sophomores.  A year later, fully certified, I started teaching Spanish 1 and 2 at a in Dallas, TX.  I loved my job and life was great!  I went to Mexico 3 times a year for several years and loved working with the people there.  While I have never regretted leaving work to stay at home with Rebekah and Luke, I have missed teaching and mission work…a lot.  The cool thing is that it is our privilege to share our love for the Mexican culture with our children as they grow up.  My hope is that we’ll return to Mexico, if only for a week at a time, as a family in the years to come.

español escosés {Scotish Spanish}

That time has not yet come. We are in Scotland, Rebekah is 4 and Luke is 2, and they are smitten with Dora the Explorer, though few speak Spanish here . …it seems the time has come to start teaching again, though.  Ironically, I have no desire or conviction to homeschool- quite the contrary- but since they’re home and want to learn something I know a little about, I thought I’d give it a go.  And since we have some equally excited nieghbors, we started “español escosés” or Scottish Spanish to commemorate our time in Scotland.


Josh and me in Mexico, 2005- how cool will it be when our 2 are in this picture?!

My goal is not for rote memorization or even fluency.  I just want to introduce the concept of “language” and simple words and phrases that will start a foundation for Spanish in later years.  I also want to build a love for people and a respect for cultures other than our own at an early age.  I try to teach contextually through stories and pictures or toys, rather than by flashcards or repeated English.  We’ll see how it goes, but you’re welcome to join the ride!


These are my lesson plans for the little ones, as well as my tweaks, as I inevitably change things as I go.  Each lesson has objectives, methods, and vocabulary to practice, as well as a link to the previous week’s vocab.

Colores Song

Alphabet Chant

Lesson 1 : Introduction of language and basic greetings

Lesson 2 : Vehicles

Lesson 3 : How are you? & Feelings

Lesson 4 : Greetings {Good morning, Good afternoon, & Good night}

Lesson 5: Action Commands

Lesson 6 : Days of the Week

Lesson 7 : Numbers (0-10) & Counting

Lesson 8: How old are you?

Lesson 9: What is your name and a rhyme

Lesson 10: Numbers 11-20 & Counting

Lesson 11: 3 more action verbs

mini-Lesson 12: Intro to Thanksgiving

mini-Lesson 13 : Thanksgiving Day & Craft

mini-Lesson 14 : ¿Y tú?

mini-Lesson 15 : Familia

mini-Lesson 16 : ¡Feliz Navidad!

Lesson 17: Me gusta {I like}

Lesson 18 : More on Me gusta {What we like}

Lesson 19: La Nieve {Snow}