Today we went sledding!!  So much fun!  Even Lizzie had a blast, though her short nap {1.5 hrs} demanded her paci, which she lovingly refers to as “boppy.”  Afterwards, we went to Starbuck’s.  Here’s a tip: if you like Peppermint Mochas but are tired of spending $4-5, try getting a drip coffee {tall=$1.65} and add peppermint {.25} and mocha {.25}, then leave room for cream.  It’s a grand total of $2.15, which is about half of a mocha and tastes the same!

I’m not sure this is the cutest picture of Lizzie, but it does show she is happy.  ;)


  1. Nana Phyllis says:

    Guess you found sleds! Love Luke’s Angry Birds sled. Looks like a really fun day. So glad you got to spend a family day in the snow.

  2. Miss Mommy says:

    Yes- I got 2 angry birds ones at Shopko for $12 each, as well as Lizzie’s for the same price.

  3. Hillary says:

    Great pictures! Looks like so much fun!

  4. Mamama says:

    Looks like such a fun day in the snow and at Starbucks Em!! What a precious family!!

  5. Cheryl Tissell says:

    Ah, fun at Manito Park. I remember sledding there. Is the pond frozen over? I broke my arm skating there on Christmas Day many, many years ago. Such fun, glad your family had fun!!!

  6. Miss Mommy says:

    I just ran into a kid who had been playing hockey on it, so I guess so!!

  7. Nana Phyllis says:

    Just looked back at the pictures, and saw the cute pink boots on Lizzie!! What a big girl she is getting to be! She’ll be running around in the snow before you know it.

  8. Miss Mommy says:

    I got them for $7 at a consignment store for that day…1 kept popping off, so I returned them for credit since she had never walked in them. :( I was super-sad b/c they were precious!!