Rebekah’s 1st Track Meet!

This spring, Rebekah asked me if she could “run” with me.  Since I’m pretty slow and not exactly a distance runner, I said sure!  She ended up pacing with me just fine most of the time, always game for trying to go a little farther.  3 or so weeks ago, Josh and I decided to let her do “running club” at 7;45am 3 days a week with her school.  It was an easy yes in that Josh can drop her off 2 of the 3 times and we’re always up anyway {well, usually!}.  Plus, it doesn’t take away from family dinner or make things too stressful.  While my mom was here last week, I was able to join Rebekah on the runs.  I was actually wondering if running club was really for her as frequently dragged behind and stopped more than I would have guessed.  Then, it came.  I had talked to her about pushing herself beyond comfort, but not too hard.  I don’t know if she thought about that or it just clicked for her, but she ran…I mean, really ran .  She never stopped, never looked back, and actually stopped chattering!  I could feel the change in her, this new sense of determination.  She told me afterwards that she was “fighting” herself, just told herself to keep going and she did.  I am thinking she might not be a sprinter, but more of a long distance runner.

Today was her first track meet.  All the nearby elementary schools pooled together 2 grades at a time, divided by gender.  So, Rebekah ran with the kindergarteners and 1st graders, probably 40 or more girls.  Imagine my surprise when Rebekah, not that strained or winded after a half mile, came in 8th!  The top 10 qualify for the next level, so I guess we’re still running.  :)  I am really proud of her for sticking with it and pushing herself hard.

I told her to look like a runner….hmmm…

A nice man said that too often moms are left out of pictures.  I told him my mom would thank him. ;)

Sweet Lizzie does love to swing!

But when she’s done, she’s done.


  1. Nana Phyllis says:

    Yeah Bekah! So proud of her run. Great exercise for life. When is the next competition? Great photo of Mom, too.
    Love that last look! She definitely looks “done” haha.

  2. Mamama says:

    Sooo proud of Rebekah – she did awesome!! Thanks to the nice man who took a photo with you in it.(o: LOVE the photos of Lizzie in the swing – the progression of enjoying to being ready to get out!

  3. Hillary says:

    Love it! Go Bekah go! I’m not surprised she found some determination she could pull out and use! I hate running and am fascinated by people who enjoy it at any level. Perhaps she will be my inspiration to try it again. Love to all~

  4. Shay's Husband says:

    Shay showed me you had a blog about running. That’s awesome for your daughter! 8th out of 40 at that young of an age shows potential…in this humble has been runner’s opinion!

  5. Betsy says:

    Great pictures of everyone. Rebekah’s great grandpa Malone was a long distance runner in high school and college. GO Rebekah!

  6. Miss Mommy says:

    Ha ha!! Love the name, Shay’s Husband. ;) I agree- i am super-excited!