Christmas Pageants & Sledding

This week has been dedicated to potty training the littlest one.  That sums up my life for the past 24 hours times 7.  I would never have guessed it, but Lizzie has officially taken the longest to potty train.  Rebekah was fast {my mil did the work !!}, Luke was slower to start , but perfect after he got it by the end of the week.  Lizzie…oh, Lizzie.  She is dry at all nap times, sometimes at night, and can hold her urine like a camel evidently!!!  That is what has been hard- if you miss an opportunity, sometimes you have to wait hours before she goes again.  This is wonderful long-term, but hard in the training process.  So, 1 week in, I’d say she’s kind of potty trained.  I mean, we’re done with diapers except at night, but her timing isn’t precise and she’s still learning her body.

So, I was largely at home this week, with just a few exceptions, 2 of them being programs the kids were in.  The first was Thursday night for Luke’s kindergarten rendition of the Gingerbread Girl.  He was Spider Man, of course.  I mean, obvious, right?

The next show was today at church in which both older children were in the short Christmas Pageant at church.  It was truly a few minutes, but it was fun to see the kids excited about it.

And, the other major outing was in between- sledding on Saturday!  I’d like to note that Lizzie stayed dry for all events.  :)  Luke and Bekah enjoyed sledding on their own, and while Lizzie was sure she wanted to sled also, she yelled, “No, Mama!” as we were mid-hill down.  So funny, that one.  All 3 kids are like me and do not care for being out of control.  I figured one would be crazy, and my money would have been on Lizzie.  Lost that one.

Doesn’t she look happy? IMG_8143

The funny thing is that Lizzie loves to say, “I’m so happy!” when she is.  It is precious and heart-warming because she really means it.  She also likes to tell you “so fun” when it is.  Like when she sees her friends at church.  Love that she has friends.


  1. Sharon says:

    Looks like a fun week! Hope you have a merry Christmas! Loved the card!

  2. Mamama says:

    Love all the pictures and the children in them! I’m sure Luke was quite the character in both programs – would love to have seen him and Rebekah too in the church program. Glad you got out for a ski opportunity!