My Garden!

Yes, you read that correctly…I have a garden.  When we bought this house and it had a “plumbed garden box,” I knew I had to plant stuff.  And I did mean stuff …thankfully, I have a good friend {shout out, Lisa Branham} who told me what to buy, how to prep, and then showed up to help me plant.  Essentially, all I had to do was add some compost soil and then plant seeds.  I wasn’t sure what seeds to buy, but Lisa gave me some tips, as did the good folk at Northwest Seed & Pet.

The first ones are garlic- literally cloves of garlic that you just push down with your finger.  Luke enjoyed this process.

This is the “plumbed” part of the garden box.  It does work, but it malfunctions and just soaks, so I still hand water, which I greatly enjoy.  I love any reason to be outside and Lizzie loves it when my back is turned and she can go incognito and grab a handful of dirt …

So, I really had pretty low expectations.  I was worried since we had so many squirrels digging for nuts after we planted.  I wasn’t sure if anything would take root.  I am so happy to see green things!!Look at the pic above- we planted garlic far left, then radishes, then green onions, then a smattering of lettuce, onions, and carrots, and sugar snap peas lining the back.  We left the far right for basil and tomatoes, which I am still working on “hardening.”

Basil and flowers {& my helpers}

Full Garden

Radishes- we don’t even eat radishes, but I would welcome your recipes or ideas!

Peas - I have now added twine for them to grow up to



Here are the tomato and pepper plants that have to “harden” and get used to being outside.  Okay, I had to throw a few pics of Lizzie in, too.

These plants will be in the ground this week- I’m so excited!

I got this chair FREE driving by a house that had a pile of stuff for the taking.  I may or may not have scored another booster seat and a play house {indoor} for the kids, as well.  The whole lot was worth the look on Lizzie’s face when she saw this chair.  She has staked her claim and the big kids usually honor it.  Her cuteness is scary.


  1. Nana Phyllis says:

    LOVE the garden! You will enjoy the fresh veggies right from your garden! Great score on the freebies. Your neighborhood does have great yard sales, too! Looking forward to walking around with you and the kids. Love the fingers pushing down garlic! Lizzie is adorable . Love that smile and look of satisfaction in her new chair!

  2. Kate E. says:

    I am so proud of you! You’re getting crunchier…… :)

  3. Hillary says:

    Ha ha – the bug has bitten you – you’re gonna be hooked for life!

    So glad you’re doing veggies because I know you will love using them when you cook. We’ve had tomatoes the last couple of summers and they are SOOOO yummy. I’m sure you’ll find something ravishing to do with the radishes.

    Love to all!

  4. Mamama says:

    Great job – Em and Kate! how exciting!! It has come a long way since I was there a few weeks ago -