My Brown-Eyed {18 Month Old} Girl

I mentioned in my last post that Lizzie is 18 months.  I’m not sure where the time has gone, but I will admit 18 months is one of my favorite ages in that they’re still baby but also toddling {remember, my kids walk LATE!}, a little independent, still quite dependent.  Words are coming, and so many connections, too.  I just love watching Lizzie learn new stuff practically every minute.

At her 18 month check-up, she was 50th% for height and 12th% for weight.  Evidently, if you double this height, you get an idea of what the adult height will be.  I remember Rebekah’s was 6 feet {!!!} and Lizzie’s is 5’3″!!  Ha ha.  Luke is somewhere in between.  We were in the UK and I didn’t get an 18-month check there, so I’m not sure, but he is on the lower end of height.  Other than those stats, nothing new health wise.  Lizzie is a great eater, a great sleeper, and a happy little girl, at least when she gets her way, that is.  She definitely has an opinion and a very adorable {if naughty} “Nooooo” but honestly does back down with firm parenting.  ;)  She pushes limits, but sometimes she just wants to see what I’ll do, what I’ll allow.  She is very funny, and she is quite aware she is crazy cute.  Lizzie has these funny little grins where you know she’s showing off.  Rebekah and Luke still adore her, though they’re learning that they have to put treasured items away in her presence.


  • Her pacifiers, aka “ba ba”
  • Food she feeds herself…she loves most things, but has a special place for sausage, blueberries, eggs, noodles, ketchup, and anything you’re eating
  • Being OUTSIDE, aka “siiiide!!!”
  • Baby dolls, aka “bay-bee”
  • Luke’s cars
  • Drinks…she’s my girl in her love of all things beverage
  • Being held by Mama
  • Throwing  stuff out of her crib
  • Sitting on little perches
  • Playing on our front porch
  • Bubbles!
  • Birds

I am amused by what people notice about her- usually the same few things: BIG brown eyes, no fear, and determination.  I do have a soft spot for those eyes.  They started off the same size…

Lizzie is a loved little girl, and I am glad she is secure in her place in our family.



  1. Nana Phyllis says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to move near and see her, and all of you regularly! She is such a sweetie! Does she climb up and down the porch steps? Lovely weather you are having right now for outside activities. I’m sure all the littles enjoy being outside more!

  2. Miss Mommy says:

    She does climb them and has scratched knees and legs as a result!

  3. The Good Fairy says:

    Miss you. Love seeing your littlest though sad we’ve never met.

  4. Miss Mommy says:

    It’s weird to me that there’s a iteration you haven’t met. She needs to know the Good Fairy.