Merry Christmas Season!

I know it has been a while, so let’s just get past that.  Our family flew to Texas in November for Josh’s sister’s wedding.  Sarah and David were happily and beautifully wed, and Bekah and I were even in the wedding!

An added bonus was that the kids and I {and Josh for a few days} got to spend time with my family in Dallas!  It was a blast, filled with lots of cousin time for the kids and catch-up time for me with my parents and brother and Becky.  Rebekah got an American Girl doll, whom she adores!  Her name is Emily and she is British, of course.

Mom flew back to WA with me while Josh attended a week’s worth of conferences in MD.  Then, she stayed for Thanksgiving and beyond, giving us almost a month together!  Ice storms in Dallas meant we got 4 bonus days, too- I was delighted.  Love any time I get with my family.  Sadly, I guess I didn’t document many pics of our time here in WA.  Here are a few my mom took as we got ready for Christmas.

During my mom’s bonus weekend, I hosted a wedding shower for the fiance{Ashley, the tall gal next to me} of a co-worker of Josh’s at Moody.  It was super-fun!  I helped host a shower for Raquel on the far right in the fall.  Lots of love up here in the NW, y’all.  Julie on the far left is a dear friend of mine and also the wife of one of Josh’s co-workers/pals at Moody.

Last night, our family of 5 took a trip to Coeur d’Alene, ID to take a lake cruise to the North Pole.  While we don’t promote Santa at our house or even the possibility of his real existence, we’re fine with the kids having fun with the idea.  Lizzie, in particular, loves Santa.


  1. Nana Phyllis says:

    Fun new post! Maybe your next post will be like Rebekah’s paper about sledding! All we need is some snow! Hoping for a white Christmas with you!

  2. Mamama says:

    Great update! I loved my time with you and your wonderful family.:-) Glad the boat trip was a success!!