Long and mostly lean

I am so excited about the - remember that you still have the weekend to enter!

In other news, I took Rebekah to the health visitor to get her 3 1/2 year jabs (aka shots).  They told us in the fall of 2008 when we moved here that she wouldn’t need more shots until she was 3 1/2.  I remember thinking “She’ll never be 3 1/2…that means Luke would be close to 2!” My word- it’s here and they are.

Anyway, poor girl- she and Luke got their first H1N1 shot 2 weeks ago and will get the second and final one in about a week (the day before we fly to Paris).  So, after a year and a half of no jabs, 4 jabs (2 today) in 3 weeks!!  We have learned that talking about what’s going to happen works best with Rebekah.  I was totally honest that she would get 2 shots,one in each arm and that they would hurt for a little bit but then be fine (like ) and would get a sucker.  Sure enough, she pulled her dress off to bare her arms, watched the needle, turned her sweet, scared eyes to me and winced.  Seriously.  That’s it.  What a stud!!!!!!  The health visitor was amazed!

Her amazement continued as she measured Rebekah. She weighed 17 kilograms (37 1/2 lbs) and was 107cm (42 in). That places her in the 75th % for weight and she said the 91st % for height.  I told her I had a hard time believing that 9% of girls her age were taller than her.  She looked back and realized she has read it wrong- 98th %.  That’s what I thought.  The 75% for weight would have surprised me except that Rebekah eats nonstop.  Seriously- she is starving all the time!!!  Her nursery teachers remark how most children pick at their snacks, but Rebekah happily eats every bite of everything and is “desperate for more”.  Good grief- like we don’t feed her!  I figure all that food has to add up somewhere, though where I’m not sure.  But, they did say to feed her as much as she wants- all the length needs a little meat, I suppose.

They also assessed her speech and movements and deduced that she is quite a talker and very advanced.  That’s my girl.  ;)  I had no worries in that regard.  The health visitor even told me that Luke seemed pretty chatty for his age.  Yea!  All in all, they were very pleased with her development and was glad to know she was in and enjoying nursery.

As for me- I am fighting one of the worst colds I’ve had in a while- lots of congestion, achiness, and headaches, not to mention fatigue.  Unfortunately, I am still a mom and online worker even when sick, so we’ve been trying to take it slower, but I am worn out.  Plus, I’ve been trying to work ahead for our Paris trip b/c we won’t have computers, but I still need to post work blogs.  I am almost finished with that.

I have been meaning to show you these pics of Rebekah and her pal, Joshua, who lives a minute from us and goes to school with her.

Excited that our buddy, Joshua, is also an "Owl" at nursery. You can also see her hair is about 5 inches shorter. It would be longer, but she wouldn't quit squirming. :)

Just in case there was any confusion, I am a "girl."

Yesterday, I decided to be a fun mom and build a fort. It was a big hit.

side note- Luke may or may not have worn that outfit yesterday, slept in the onesie, and be wearing it and the same overalls today…did I mention I am sick and lethargic (plus, I LOVE this outfit)?


  1. Nana Phyllis says:

    So glad the check up went well. She is certainly long and lean! Good comments about Luke, too! So sorry you are under the weather and trying to work ahead. Wish I was there to take the kids off your hands for a while. I’m praying for a quick recovery. Can’t wait to hear the Paris plans.

  2. Sarah says:

    Hannah is the opposite from Rebekah. She’s short and “plump”. Julia is just petite all over. However, I’ve come to learn she’s got a lot more on her than most people believe. She weighs just shy of 30 pounds, but most people guess she’s at about 22-25. And she eats like a mad woman too. I wish I could eat that much and people guess I weighed less. ;)

  3. Miss Mommy says:

    Agreed- that would be awesome.

  4. Andrea G says:

    I can’t believe how brave Rebekah was with the shots!!! I am always torn with which child to do first as neither of mine do well! So glad she is growing and healthy! My son would be the one that just picks… I went to snack time once and he got like two bites in because he doesn’t stop talking and because he eats so slow! He will be the one who comes home starving everyday with hardly any food eaten from his lunch!!!

  5. Mamama says:

    What a big girl with the shots! It doesn’t sound fun to me!! Hurray for Luke for doing well with his speech -

  6. Codi says:

    What a brave little girl! I’m not looking forward to that, and I’m pretty sure Josie won’t do that well even after I explain everything:) And R really is tall! People are always telling me how tall Josie is, and she’s only 40 inches! Hope your sickness passes quickly! Have a fun trip:)

  7. Shannon Morton says:

    I mean…it’s not like the girl doesn’t have tall genes in her family. Did I ever mention to you that my biological dad was 6 ft 4 in? Crazy, no?

    Seriously, so proud of her for getting a shot like a big girl. This is very hard to do!

    Love you, miss you, trying to get back into blogging a bit. :)

  8. says:

    I think one of the hardest things about parenting is still having to do it when you’re sick!! Ugh! Had to do it myself recently too. It was a HUGE bummer.