Lizzie’s Birthday

My words aren’t that special, so I’ll skip to what people might actually be interested in: the pictures.

The Party: Lizzie’s Ice Cream Social

This would not have happened as seamlessly or cookie prettily without my mother-in-law, Phyllis!

Her actual birthday

Nothing beats a straight from the bath baby sporting her new goods….


  1. Mamama says:

    Looks like it was a great party for a very special 2 year old! Lizzie seemed to get the hang of it’s her birthday party! Phyllis’ cookies looked awesome, and I know they tasted great. What a precious child! Her Mamma’s pretty great too!

  2. Miss Mommy says:

    Hey, I made half the cookies!!

  3. Nana Phyllis says:

    Emily did decorate half of the cookies. I told her she is a cookie decorator in training! Maybe we will get Gayle involved for Thanksgiving cookies! We had such fun celebrating Lizzie’s birthday. Gayle, you and Bill will have such fun with all the family next week. Lizzie will keep you entertained.

  4. julie says:

    So sad we missed out. Looked like such fun. So very lovely too.