Lizzie’s {Almost} Two!

If you ask Lizzie how old she is, she will cheerfully tell you with all 5 fingers up no less, “Almost 2!” or “1, 2!”  It is precious.  While on the topic of precious and all things precious, let’s discuss Lizzie some more.

Lizzie is by far our naughtiest child, as well as most full of life .  She keeps us on our toes and has definitely mastered her most winning, charming smiles for when being rebuked.  She is getting more fluent, tho vehemently refuses anything in Spanish.  She rarely walks, preferring to run of course.  She adores Rebekah {Beppa} and Luke {Yute} and is so excited when they come home from school.  Lizzie makes me smile.  So much and all the time.  We call her my redemption baby because I stressed so little with her and learned to enjoy just being her mama.  I am so, so glad the Lord blessed us with her.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Elizabeth Sophia Malone was 7#3oz and was born on 4 November 2011 in Aberdeen, Scotland { birth story here }.  She was precious from the moment she came out.  I was in love.

I told you.  She was adorable.   And I know I look like a wreck- it was my first natural delivery.  Wowzers, just thinking about it.

The kids adored her from day 1, and so became what I affectionately dubbed “the Fiesta Trio.”  I was so, so happy and relieved.  It made adding a baby so much easier than I anticipated.  Plus, Lizzie was so…normal.  She cried at appropriate times, ate happily, then was happy.  She settled into a good routine, slept great in her car seat, and woke up pretty often at night.  I was mostly okay with that because she was such a fun baby to snuggle.  Lizzie was the only one I slept with in my arms {ever}, and I feel that it helped me feel so close to her emotionally.  man, I already miss those days.

Josh cracked up at how HUGE Lizzie’s eyes were.  I thought they were lovely.

Then, she turned 1 here in WA.  It seriously went so fast. {that link has some really fun pics}

And now she’s 2 and full of words and ideas and belligerance and songs and hugs and imaginings and stories and giggles.  And we’re all still in deep smit.

Oh, time, please stop.


  1. marie says:

    Love this post. Happy Birthday Lizzie. We’re looking forward to our #3 soon.

  2. Nana Phyllis says:

    Happy birthday sweet girl! We love being a part of your everyday life and are so thankful for you! Love how you walk in the door yelling “Hi Nana, Hi Papa, Hi Duncan!” Looking forward to spending most of your birthday with you!

  3. Dana says:

    Emily, this is a wonderful tribute to Lizzie for birthday #2! I love all the pictures you post of the Fiesta Trio (LOVE that nickname!), Keep em coming!

  4. Schroeder says:

    Goodness … 2 already ?

    Time surely does fly. Better get busy on baby #4 ;-)

    HB Lizzy.