Daddy’s Back!

Josh was away for a week to interview for a job in Washington.  {He felt it went really well, but we won’t hear anything until next month.}  Anyway, there was much excitement in our home that Daddy was coming home on Friday!!!!  {Thankfully the kids were not privy to my mistake of him coming home on Thursday…that was such a bummer when I realized I was a day off.}  Anyway, Lizzie and I got Josh from the airport, and then Josh picked the kids up with me from school, which a super-fun surprise for them!  I hadn’t told them what time he would be back in case he was delayed {as both our moms were last time}.  Rebekah and Luke were ecstatic to see their daddy and ran to him with open arms.  Love.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what our Saturdays look like, this is it- lots of lap time!  {Usually, I am dressed and have make-up on…but Lizzie and I snuggle-snoozed for an extra hour that morning, which was totally worth it.  I love that kind of Saturday!}


  1. Nana Phyllis says:

    So thankful for a wonderful trip. Also thankful Josh is back home safely with the family. Praying that you hear something really soon!! Love the pictures.

  2. laura b says:

    Getting dressed is over-rated when there is a baby to be snuggled.