Christmas Baking & Crafting & Sulking

Yes, you read that right.  Our Christmases are filled with so many good things, but often we get doses of reality too.  This year is no exception.  We’ve been doing Truth in the Tinsel almost every day as an Advent activity, and with Nana and Papa as well as Aunt Sarah, we have baked, crafted, played, read, and just had a fabulous time, of course.  But we’ve also shared a rotten stomach bug and had a few sad moments, such as not getting to church in time to get angel wings for the singing.  It’s cool, tho because I missed it all running back to the house because I left Josh’s car/house keys on the sidewalk right by his car and our house.  Jeez.  I felt the same as Rebekah.

p.s.  Josh showed me how to make the pictures where you an enlarge them- I know this is wonderfully exciting for you, so I wanted to be sure to let you know.

Luke was a shepherd.

We did have some better times with the fam…

Making graham cracker houses…

A few other recent pics…

Rebekah’s Reader Theater

The kids were like this when I walked in the living room…precious.


  1. Mamama says:

    So sorry for the missing wings, keys, and sickness but so happy for the fun times you are having together! So glad Sarah got there safely and hope she stays well!! Much love and Merry Christrmas!

  2. Carrie says:

    How well I can relate to your post. Getting there late had to have been such a bummer. The look on R’s face is pitiful. The good side is there are always great teaching opportunities in times like that because that is real life, often times happy but spattered with difficulties here and there. Looks like tons of fun with family! BTW LOVE IT that we can make pictures big again. Tell your I.T. guy thanks! Merry Christmas Emily!