Smallest Pair of Boots I’ve Ever Seen! | College Station Family Photographer

Before each session, I like to talk on the phone or in person with my client and get a feel for what they’d like their pictures to look like, what they will be wearing, and what the personalities of the family are like, especially any little ones.

When this mom and I talked, she told me they would all be wearing boots, and I was excited.  Apparently boots from the Anderson Bean Boot Company run in the family. :)  Sure enough, when they showed up to their session, we had to take some time to look at all their boots, including the baby’s.  Too cute!!  And probably the smallest pair of boots I’ve ever seen!  Take a look.  :)

We did get a nice posed shot of this scene, but for the blog, I thought the one of the three year old hammin’ it up would be fun!!

Isn’t this little girl the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen?  Her personality is equally sparkling!!

She carried that little orange flower throughout the rest of the session.  ;)

One of my favorites from the session.  I call this…”Baby L’s Perspective.”

All the girls had these white flowers in their hair!  Such a sweet touch!!

More hammin’ for the camera.  (She really was so easy to work with!!)

At the end, I told them I wanted to get a picture of them.  They quickly agreed because the last one they had had taken was their engagement pictures, some 7+ years ago!!

This One Gave Me a Hug | College Station Children’s Photographer

I really love children!!    And I feel so blessed that God gave me three of my own because they are absolute treasures!

I feel doubly blessed that through photography I get to meet and spend time with new little friends, too.  For example, a few weeks ago I spent time with this wonderful family and their 18-month-old cutie!  We had such a great time together, hunting Easter eggs, playing hide and seek, and taking a few pictures here and there. ;)

I suppose that’s why at the end of the session she voluntarily gave me a huge hug.  Melted my heart…  I’m looking forward to seeing her again.

She is cute, no?  I love those little teeth beginning to pop up.  Pop, Pop…Pop!

One of the things I like to do to help children feel comfortable around the camera is to plan a little activity that is age appropriate and memorable.  Sometimes Mom gives me an idea or sometimes the idea pops into my head (thank you, Lord!).  For this sweet one, we took pictures around the same time as Easter, so I planned a small Easter egg hunt for her.

It doesn’t matter that it was her fourth, maybe fifth, hunt (*wink), she had a blast and that was what I was hoping to capture!

Are they not just the cutest family?

Her mom found these golden shoes for her (at Target, I think).  Love ‘em and the little piggies that are wearing them!!

I think we were playing a bit of “peek-a-boo” here.

An 18 month old likes to roam…seriously…so I appreciate that she lined herself up here and paused for a moment so I could capture this scene!

Wheeeeee!!! | College Station Children’s Photographer

I usually don’t get too gussied up for a session.  It’s not that I don’t want to be professional; rather it’s that I anticipate running around, getting on the ground, and even getting dirty if need be to capture that just right moment!  So a t-shirt, pair of comfy pants, and tennis shoes is usually what I put on as my “uniform.”  :)

For this session, tennis shoes were just right.  If I had not had them on, I might have missed some of this young man’s precious expressions as he ran from place to place, got on his big wheel, and flew down the hill towards his dad!  He was so fun to capture, and I got a great workout!!

This little guy is really into his daddy right now, so we captured a lot of sweet moments with them together.

We did also capture some family shots.  And perhaps you have noticed how Big Guy seems to roll his tongue around whenever he is super happy or very focused and intrigued.  ;)

Dad was SUCH  good sport to let him sit on his back and take off his hat.  We captured some of the family’s favorites from this spontaneous part of the session.  Love!


Do you see his tongue?  ;)  He sure is a cutie!!

Wheeeee!!!! (part 2 or maybe 3 or 4)

One of my favorites because I love the sweetness of the family interaction.

(Also, I’m sad to tell you that this is the next to last of the bluebonnet sessions.  Only one last one to post. )

How To Start Your Week Right… | College Station Maternity Photographer

I met these parents-to-be for some maternity portraits on a Tuesday a few weeks ago in College Station, and I just cannot tell you how delightful it was to meet them.  We made the rounds of the beautiful park area behind the George Bush Library on a perfectly overcast day.  And even though I did not get to meet her Little Man face-to-face,  I have no doubt that he will be a handsome fella!!  :)

Although I don’t often do maternity sessions, I’m thinkin’ maybe I’d like to do more.  They are just so much fun, and more ideas keep coming to me on how to make each session unique.  So if there’s anyone you know who would like to capture this special season of life, please send them my way!!

You may have guessed that baby’s name will start with a “B.”  So Mommy-to-Be and I were thrilled to capture these two together.

Even though she brought other tops along for the session, it was right about here that we both agreed that green was the way to go.  She looked so beautiful in this backdrop.

This was probably one of my favorites from the session.  I asked them to look down, and they naturally put their heads together.  Love!  They are gonna make great parents to this little guy!! 

Lots of love for one another and for this sweet baby.  Congrats you two, another new College Station resident on the way!!  :) 

The Buttercup Advocate | College Station Bluebonnet Photographer

I know that many of you are still on the hunt for bluebonnets, wanting to take that wonderful annual picture in our glorious state flower!  Due to lack of rain in the Fall (and now Spring), these flowers are not as abundant.

However, I would like to advocate the little thought-of buttercup.  Officially known as the Evening Primrose.

Tonight I met this sweet 9 month old and her family to get some pictures in the bluebonnets, but we also ventured over to a gorgeous and undisturbed field of buttercups.  I’m personally loving the look of this flower this year!  So I have dubbed myself “The Buttercup Advocate” because I’m a firm believer (as of the past two hours or so) that every Texas wildflower needs its day in the sun.

So if you’re still looking for bluebonnet pictures, allow me to convince you to give the old buttercup a try!  Contact me soon!!  :)

The Firstborn |College Station Newborn Photographer

I have a firstborn…a girl.  She is dearer to me than life.  And now that she’s not a baby anymore, and some might say I am well past the “new parent” phase, I treasure memories I have from those early days when my husband and I were trying to figure out how to care for such a small person.  In fact, I distinctly remember sitting at the kitchen table after we had brought her home from the hospital.  We were eating McDonalds and taking turns looking down at her asleep in her carseat and just grinning from ear to ear.  We also kept saying to each other, “What were they thinking at the hospital?  We have NO idea what we are doing.  Why would they trust us with another human being, especially one so small?!!”

But here we are six years later, and she’s still alive (by God’s grace! :) ).  And we are so much better for having her in our lives.  And what’s so precious to me is how much she loves newborn babies.  Seriously, I could see her as a nurse.  She is so tender and sweet.  But I digress….

What’s also precious to me is to meet parents who’ve just had their firstborn and to see the excitment and joy in their faces.  Taking pictures for them and capturing memories of the baby’s age and size is a joy like none other.

Look at Big Man giving us a half smile.  Isn’t he the cutest?

In my humble opinion, some of the best photography tells a story.  And I love the story this one is tellin’.  I’ll let you “read” it.  :)

Father and Son!  Classic!!

Look at Big Man’s peepers.  He’s just perfect!  :)

The Skies Proclaim the Work of His Hands

It has been a lovely bluebonnet season (and although not officially over as I have two more sessions), I wanted to post what my assistant and I saw on the way home from last night’s sessions.

This picture has not been enhanced.  It really was this beautiful!  When we first saw it, I think we both said, “Oh my!”  It was so beautiful, and it reminded me of Psalm 19:1-6.  For a bit of worship in your day, meditate on these verses as you look at the work of His hands!!

Here it is:

1 The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
2 Day after day they pour forth speech;
night after night they reveal knowledge.
3 They have no speech, they use no words;
no sound is heard from them.
4 Yet their voice[b] goes out into all the earth,
their words to the ends of the world.
In the heavens God has pitched a tent for the sun.
5 It is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber,
like a champion rejoicing to run his course.
6 It rises at one end of the heavens
and makes its circuit to the other;
nothing is deprived of its warmth.

Deep in the Heart of Texas | College Station Family Photographer

It might be the bluebonnets talkin’ here, but I am lovin’ all things Texas these days. So it was PERFECT when I met this group a few weeks ago for an extended family session .  They were dressed so wonderfully in their hats and boots, even down to the littlest members of their family.  And may I say there is nothing cuter than a 2-foot tall fella wearing a cowboy hat!

Isn’t this a handsome family?


As we were getting ready for another group shot and getting everyone in place, I happened to snap this one.  Love the sincere looks on both of their faces.  You can see the loving relationship between mom and son.

Here’s the original family.  And this was their first family picture…ever!!  It was such a treat for me to be able to be their photographer.

Little Guy wasn’t too sure about me or my camera.  :)  I didn’t mind since his brown eyes are so dreamy…

Wish You Were Here! | College Station Bluebonnet Photographer

An update as of April 14, 2011: College Station Bluebonnet Photography.

Friends, I know it can seem cliche, but I think bluebonnet pictures are so wonderful!  There is something so charming about being outdoors during a Texas spring AND  capturing loved ones in a sea of blue!

Here’s one of the many great captures from today.

And if you have found my site and you want to take some pictures, I have three time slots left open in my mini sessions. (Click College Station Bluebonnet Pictures for more info.)  Those sessions times are:

  • Monday, April 4th at 5 p.m.
  • Friday, April 8th at 5:15 p.m.
  • Friday April 8th at 6 p.m.

First come, first serve!!  :)

Byrd Preview | College Station Maternity Photographer

It was overcast yesterday and for some that might mean stay inside, but for a photographer, that can be an ideal day to have a session!  Very few shadows, not very hot, and naturally diffused sunlight means gorgeous portraits.

Enter one very lovely mommy-to-be, and it’s a recipe for a great session!  This mommy was a referral from another photographer here in town, and I’m so glad we were able to meet.  She and her husband were delightful!  What a joy to make new friends.  :)