Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!!

We should get pictures of the kids in their Easter finery as soon as they are dressed and brushed and turned out the door on our way to church. But then, we should be turned out the door in good time to be at church early, and well, neither happened. By the time we were at the children's building door, Ezra had already gotten grass stains on his new trousers.

Because Easter is about a God that loves us and forgives us and no amount of grass stains can mar that even a little. When we got to Karrie's house after church we tried to get a nice family portrait.

Following that was a lovely meal with family followed by an egg hunt. Poor CC will have to hunt her eggs tomorrow, she was feeling a little down all day and took an early and long nap, but the rest of the kids had at. I will note, first of all, that we had a special visitor this Easter. The Easter Bilby made a special trip all the way from Australia to deliver a couple of eggs to the big kids. Inside these big eggs were instructions for small lego sets. And then they had to find all the eggs, because the legos for the set were spread out between all the eggs. The eggs were color coded per kid, and only Aravis was actually able to complete her little set, because she was the only one that found all her eggs (hopefully the two missing eggs will turn up soon, I have no idea where they went. In Ezra's case, his egg had the three pieces that couldn't be duplicated from the larger lego hoard.

 How did I not take a picture of the Bilby in his place of honor with the eggs? I do not know. But Adeline cuddled him the rest of the afternoon. Thank you, Marti, for arranging an awesome Easter treat!
Adeline right as she saw the bilby, she was very happy. And thus, the egg hunt began. 

 It wasn't just the lego eggs though. We also had cascarones hidden around. I love cascarones.

 They add a lovely splash of color to the easter pictures, don't they?

The Elodie and Opie are too little for the lego idea, so they just got stickers and other little things. Mostly they just loved picking up eggs, though they did get the only "my little pony" figures that we could find to fit in the eggs. That made them happy. The utter lack of candy in the egg hunt made me pretty happy.

What followed was a lovely time of family togetherness, talking, laughing and occasionally napping.

I hope you had a lovely Easter as well.

Friday, April 18, 2014

In the bluebonnets

I love this time of year. I had been hoping for some amazing fields this year, and got some pretty lovely ones. I have yet to see them as tall and plush as they were in 2010. It was a drier winter than I realized, apparently.

We started with just our kids in the bluebonnetty part of IBM campus.


Ok, but not great. I think we jumped the gun a little, the bluebonnets had not yet peaked.

We tried again a little while later, this time with friends.

This was also a field at IBM, on the other side of the parking deck. It was significantly easier to take pictures without buildings in the background.

We so love these friends.

Marti, in particular takes fantastic pictures. These are hers.

Happy Good Friday!