Beach with the Big Kids

There are several things on my to-do-before-we-leave-Aberdeen list, and one of them got crossed off Sunday: hit the beach on a sunny day.  Notice I didn’t even say warm.  I had kind of given up hope…to the point that 60′s felt HOT that day!  Sweet Lizzie girl slept at home while Josh worked on his thesis.  That helped me stay focused on the big kids- I  always worry a bit with water, so my full attention is crucial.  We had such a good time.  I even included a photo of the Weasleys…I kid you not, 6 kids, 5 of them with beautiful dark auburn hair, all pretty scrappy, all extremely kind, even a set of 16 year old boy twins!!!  The parents were Canadian and American- crazy!  The 6th child, 1 of 3 girls, was blonde.  I wonder if she felt special or left out…?  I digress.


  1. Kate E. says:

    Love that you included the Weasley’s. Did you tell them they were like the Weasley’s? Or just take the picture surreptitiously?

  2. Nana Phyllis says:

    What a fun time! Tell those children that the WATER at the beach is even warm in Texas!! You don’t have to wrap up to keep warm while eating your ice cream. HAHA. Glad they had a good time Hopefully you’ll have some more warm days to go to the Aberdeen beach in the next month.

  3. Miss Mommy says:

    Definitely didn’t tell them, Kate…

  4. Nana Phyllis says:

    Luke has a couple of GREAT smiles in these photos.

  5. Miss Mommy says:

    Phyllis- I like that you keep looking at the pics and make 2nd comments sometimes. :)

  6. Well . . . this was the special place while the other blog was the special girls! Fun times on warm Aberdeen days at the beach – great memories for you Em!