An Addition to Our Table

Since we moved here 8 months ago {!!}, Lizzie has sat in a high chair in what Josh calls “baby’s exile.”  We usually remembered to pull her up to the table, but regardless, Lizzie wasn’t physically at the table.  Recently, Lizzie seemed to realize this.  She started playing with her booster seat {stored for future use in her room} and trying to buckle her dolls in.  Then, she started dragging it out and sitting in it herself on the floor.  When I used it for a friend’s toddler a few days ago, Lizzie was outraged.  Josh has been thinking it was time to pull her in to the table anyway, and man was he right.  Lizzie loved being a big kid at the table!

And so our high chair moves onto its next home and its awaiting baby.  While I am happy that Lizzie sits with the family now, it is sad and weird to be at the end of babydom and start of toddlerdom.  I miss nursing her and holding her more and all that.  Yet, this is one of my favorite ages- I guess I am all too aware that time is fleeting and I hate to see it go too quickly.  Luke will be 5 in a few weeks, Rebekah turns 7 this summer and Lizzie is almost 1 1/2.  Wowzers.

Here are some of Lizzie’s less than animated responses to having to look at the camera.


  1. Hillary says:

    Yep, Hutton graduated to the table too a few months back and he thinks it is phenomenal! I know the end of babyhood is hard; I feel the same way. Good thing they keep us too busy to dwell on it for long or we’d get really depressed!

    I love you and Happy Easter to all of the Malones!

  2. Mamama says:

    Lizzie looks SO big and very happy in the first photo – she really is growing up way to quickly!! How fun to have her at the table and move the high chair on . . . yet sad too! Rebekah and Luke look mighty cute themselves!!

  3. Joy says:

    she is so cute. jane also adores being at the table. love their similar development stages :)

  4. Nana Phyllis says:

    Can’t believe she is big enough to sit at the table like a big girl! Wow! What happened to our baby?? Love seeing all that is going on in your lives, can’t wait to be a part of everyday life with yo.