We are from a magical place in the south where children call their Mommy’s friends, Miss (insert name).  It shows familiarity and respect simultaneously, and let’s be honest- it’s simply precious.  My sweet daughter decided to apply the same loving attention to me, calling me “Miss Mommy.”  Maybe my favorite nickname ever.

Our Adventures

If for some reason, you’d like to know more about me, then you need to know about my family.  I met my handsome theologian-at-large in college at Texas A&M.  He grew up to be an electrical engineer and I a high school Spanish teacher.  During that time, Josh realized his passion for ministry/teaching, which led him to give up engineering (which was a great move since the economy crashed post-9/11).  So, while we were still DINKs ,  he attended Dallas Theological Seminary and was a part-time college pastor for 3 years.  A month before we had Rebekah (12 July 2006), we left our southern roots behind and moved to Iowa City, where Josh was a young adults pastor.  Then, 2 years later, a few months after having our son, Luke (17 April 2008), we moved back to Texas to pack up and head across the pond to Aberdeen, Scotland for Josh to complete a second master’s degree and a PhD in Systematic Theology at the University of Aberdeen .  We had our sweet baby girl, Elizabeth Sophia in November (4 November 2011)- our only lassie born in Scotland!

Josh is now teaching theology at Moody Bible Institute at their Spokane, WA campus.  We love our new home and the friends we are making.  We are attending Christ the Redeemer Church , which has also been great.

CTR church

Texas…Iowa…Scotland…Washington.  Thus began {and continue!} the Adventures of Miss Mommy.