1st Days of Kindergarten & 2nd Grade

Luke and Rebekah had great first days of school!  They love their teachers and have great, quality friends Josh and I are particularly happy about.

Luke will be in all-day kindergarten {the only “option” now}, but this week he just goes half-days.  I was able to have a parent-teacher conference with his teacher {why they’re going half-days} and she was just getting to know the family dynamic, etc.  She seems awesome, and I am confident sweet Luke {now known as Luke M., or Yute Mmmm as Lizzie says it} will have a fabulous year.  His highlights were making new friends, playing with play-doh, “reading” a Lego book, and playing at recess.  He was all smiles.  :)

Rebekah came home glowing!  She insisted on walking home since that’s what we’ll be doing this year, so I saw her skipping along and knew immediately she had had a great day.  Phew.  She loves her teacher, her friends, her new friend, Hannah, who is new to school, her seat assignment, her lunch table, etc etc etc.  She loves it all, which is wonderful because sometimes her expectations are difficult to meet.  It was also great that she started her morning at school with math, definitely a favorite with Rebekah…oh, speaking of, she now goes by Bekah.  Good to know.

So, that is that.  I managed to hold it together…no tears until I saw my boy running to me on the play ground.  I always do that- fine upon departure…that is, until my heart almost bursts with love when I see them again.

Lizzie and I felt the same way when the big kids left…

But we were pretty happy…well, I’d love to say upon retrieving them, but it was really when she got to play on the play ground.


  1. Kate E. says:

    So glad they had a great first day! What a blessing!

  2. Nana Phyllis says:

    So great that the first went so well! What fun it was to walk with them to school on the first day! Looking forward to being in the yard when Bekah comes home today.

  3. Marie S says:

    Looks like a great first day for everyone.

  4. Mamama says:

    I know I’ve told you but just wanted to put in in writing how happy I am about their classes, teachers, and friends! It’s still hard to believe that Luke is in Kindergarten – what a big boy he is becoming. Treasure the special times that you and Lizzie will be able to have together as I know you both miss the big kids! Much love to you -