Last week, Rebekah was pleased to get her purple, square glasses.  She seriously was counting the hours down and broke down when she thought we were going to miss the appointment.  Luke was also eager and so thrilled when Bekah got glasses like him!  Anyway, I guess Rebekah has astigmatism and the glasses are meant to be worn throughout the day.  She claims she is seeing better, especially distances, but I sometimes think she says what she has been told will be true.

We think she looks uber-old, even more so now.

I found these pictures on my point and shoot from the past 3 months and thought it would be a shame to not share them!  It definitely reminds me that they both need hair cuts, especially Luke!  Also, just to let you know, Luke goes back in to see the eye doctor in April to see if the patch is strengthening his weaker eye.  Interestingly and very surprisingly, Rebekah did not pass her eye exam at nursery {preschool} for farther distances, so she has an eye appointment the following week.  She remembers a certain pair of Snow White glasses and is confident she needs them.  We are hoping she is too young to intentionally fail the test, but she did seem to honestly struggle with things that were not close up {opposite of Luke}.

In between their appointments in a few weeks, I meet with the mid-wife for the first time.  It’s such a shame I am not an all-natural, mid-wife kind of girl since we get this care for free and so many women back “home” in the US go out of their way to receive it.  I am taking my good friend, Kate’s, advice and am doing my best to embrace the system here and not alienate myself by telling them at the first appointment that not only do I want an in-hospital delivery preferably scheduled, I would also insist on an epidural {Luke was over 9 pounds!!} and a circumcision by a rabbi in England if it’s a boy…and for that very reason, we’ll probably go to a private clinic to find out if it will be a boy.  But, hey, thanks for your care and I promise to breastfeed!  Not sure they’d like that, so I am going to start slowly and pray that in the next 8 months, the Lord will prepare me for whatever experience Raspberry and I will have.

Anyway, here are the promised pictures-

No, we did not get a cat.  Do you know me at all?  Instead, our sweet son got patched this week.  As you know, his eye sight is, um, not so great.  Luke has a +2 and a +6.5 prescription at 2 1/2.  That second eye (his right) is obviously weak, so we hoped the glasses themselves would suffice to improve his vision.  Alas, this is not the case.  On Wednesday I was sent home with 100 colourful “boy” patches for the next 3 months, or until his next visit.  I am to patch his strong {left} eye so that his right eye is forced to work and get stronger.  Luke was NOT AT ALL interested in said patches {shocking since he lost his better vision as a result} and not so fondly referred to them as a phrase that sounded like this: “I no want the bandaides! Take off peeese!  I wear my gyasses peese!”  Bless him.  {In hind sight, I am wondering if I should have asked what was on the “girl” patches?}

His first 5 minutes were torment for us both, regardless of his sister’s constant encouragement.  He begged, pleaded, and sobbed his way out of it…they did say to start out with just a few minutes…however, those few minutes are to build into 6 hours a day!?!?  Well, praise the Lord {truly!}, Luke did much better even later that day and really well today.  As suggested, I am bribing him with movies and treats and he is obliging.