4th of July in Shiner, TX!


My brother’s wife, Becky, is from a small town in south, TX, called Shiner.  My parents and Billy’s family go down every 4th of July weekend with the kids.  My family minus Josh joined them this year (we made it last year too!) and we loved our time there.  Especially fun was the addition of […]

My parents took my kids and me fishing for the first time- well, I have been fishing before of course, but it was their first time.  Shockingly, it wasn’t a million degrees out, so it was a very fun way to spend the 4th of July before our weekend festivities {coming tomorrow!}.  I thought I’d […]

Rebekah’s Tangled Party


My mom and I love birthdays, so giving Rebekah an extra party in Dallas was a no-brainer, even though her birthday isn’t until July 12th.  We settled on a Tangled/Rapunzel party and my parents rented a princess bouncy castle for the front yard.  A lot of family from both sides of my parents came, which […]

My parents sprung for the family annual pass to the Ross Perot Museum and took all 5 grandkids, as well as my brother and me, to the museum today.  Lizzie woke up last night when we added Rebekah and Luke to their shared room, so after an hour of giggles, everyone finally went to sleep […]

My Brown-Eyed {18 Month Old} Girl


I mentioned in my last post that Lizzie is 18 months.  I’m not sure where the time has gone, but I will admit 18 months is one of my favorite ages in that they’re still baby but also toddling {remember, my kids walk LATE!}, a little independent, still quite dependent.  Words are coming, and so […]