Rebekah’s Tangled Party

My mom and I love birthdays, so giving Rebekah an extra party in Dallas was a no-brainer, even though her birthday isn’t until July 12th.  We settled on a Tangled/Rapunzel party and my parents rented a princess bouncy castle for the front yard.  A lot of family from both sides of my parents came, which was a lot of fun.  My good friend, Michelle, from college also came, which brought the Aggie count up to 5.  :)

I made a purple ombre cake that I am very pleased with.  {Keep in mind I am happily no perfectionist, so while I’m aware of the imperfections, I don’t care. At all .}

I bought a slip and slide for under $5 at Target and I loved watching the kids get used to it.  Lizzie cracked me up- she couldn’t help but slip when she walked on it, but definitely thought she was doing what the big kids were.  So precious.  Speaking of Lizzie…she has definitely been herself- funny, cute, sweet, naughty.  She is off and on on who she’ll go to, but my mom is her favorite besides me.  My dad works to win her and eventually does, but she has been killing us because she throws herself at my aunts, his sisters.  In one picture, you’ll see her all snuggled up with my aunt Kathleen.

from on Vimeo .


  1. Mamama says:

    Such a fun party! Emily did a GREAT job on the cake – the photo doesn’t do justice to the shades of purple the frosting had. It was yummy too. Love Lizzie on the slip n slide – so precious! Great day for a Texas June birthday for Rebekah!!

  2. Nana Phyllis says:

    What fun you all must have had! Great to have extended family around for celebrations. Cake looks great, I’m impressed. We’ll have fun decorating, you with cakes and me with cookies. Can’t wait to see you in a little over a month.

  3. Miss Mommy says:

    Thanks, Nana. :) I like doing cakes b/c they feed a lot but i only have 1 thing to decorate!